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bow clip

Collection of hair bow clip provide competitive pricing for hand-made & high quality material from japan and other countries.  it deosn't seem to matter what era girls grow up in since hair bow never seem to go out of fashion industry.  Not just young girls, but mature ladies are often adorned with hair bow clips that match their outfit. Our hair  bow clips were carefully hand-made, inspected for its top-quality that will help your store to be outstanding in competitive hair accessory & jewelry market.

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Whether you are trying to channel your inner Blair Waldorf or you just plain love bows, here are eight ways to pull off a bow in your hair. I love the ribbons tied into floppy bows- they remind me of my childhood. Don't know if that's a look I should be going for but hey, I dig it!1. Pin your bangs/ bangs area up and to the side with a little bow clip.2. Put a big bow behind your high bun.3. Tie a ribbon into a bow around your high pony. FAVE. 4. Pin the top half of your hair up with a bow clip.5. Low half up half down secured with a bow.6. Side pony secured with a bow.7. Tie a ribbon into a floppy bow at the bottom of a side braid.8. Tie a head scarf into a bow around your head- like a headband!