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wholesale fashion



custom ordering :

When it comes to mixture of jewellery, it could be limitless. We normally try our best to pick best colors on each items, but if you wish to have something special, we may be able to help you.

1. Availability - most of time we are able to customize it easily, but may not offer it

2. Contact - please contact via e-mail. we don't do this verbally




estimated time / availability :

Time: We try to move very fast. We can get it done within reasonable time frame but can't promise due to many reasons out of the box once in a while. We normally get things done within 7 business days, but will be notified time we need to accomplish your project.

Availability: Requested styles may not be possible. you could simple e-mail us style number or picture of items front/back/side to see if we can do it flawlessly.

deciding color of stone :

We can customize in so many possible way. In order to do this, you need to tell us how exactly you wish to do accomplish - stone colors / single, mix etc.

deciding color of plating:

Plating colors are really broad - rhodium, silver, antique, grey, gold, coat.  Most general palting colors are rhodium & gold.

deciding quantity:

We mass produce same molding(empty metal piece before gluing or cubic work starts) at once. Approximately over 500 pieces at once. but there are many cases we can reduce it very low. example) if you order styles that we carry and we expect to produce the items, we may order extra peices more for you. but this is case by case, which will be decide during custom order process.



Once both side agree manufacturing process, 50% of payment must be paid. If you cancel it before we start manufacturing your custom orders, there is no cancellation fee - we would submit a request to refund the deposit you have made. 

Once items are ready in the states, you must pay rest of amount plus shipping charge.  *Note: If you have pending online orders, we could place custom order project into your box at no additional charge. / If you want us to ship your custom items only, you must for the transporation fee to you order 


process of from warehouse:

We have approximately 18 steps to process our jewellery - which is done for either online or custom items.

1. Conept : will handout ideas sketch, using hand-sketch/software to the come up with dimesions

2. Crafting wax : Hand crafting by carving the wax by drawing of the concept  > using the lost wax method of casting poured into silver mold > wax out mold's mass production need use silver mold to press rubber mold - smoothing silver mold each part of the structure in most accurate way

3. Injecting was to plastic mold : Heating up 70-75F by machine, the wax injects into the rubber mold > cool down > remove wax - we can more was more by repetiting this steps

4. Selecting matching stones : look for suitable matching stone according to silver and wax mold - craftmen will pick the size, shape, and the colors.

5. Waxing finished: was molds are ready

6. Wax tree: Before casting, each waxing tree will be welded to the stick

7. Weigh : Weighing the robber base after tree was completed > weight the wax tree based on weight tree > use certain amount of gold or silver for the amount of metal casting

8. Fill plaster: putting wasx tree and base to put together into stainless tell tube > corresponding weight of slurry injected slowly along the steel tube wall / over the wax tree > vacum to prevent naturally > wait 6-12hours to solidify

9. Bakign plaster: baking the plaster mold to remove wax and dry for casting insulation

10. Removing plaster mold: remove roasted plaster mold to prepare cast metla solution needs

11. Pouring liquid : either gold or silver water injection to the nozzle

12. Casting : Using a vacumm induction with casting machine

13. Cleaning the mold: Plaster mold is very hot after casting > we remove from casting machine 10-30 mintues to cool off naturally > wash in cold water for frying > take off the gold > brush the steel > place 30% of hydrofluoric acid for 10 mintues > rinse clip out > remove the remainting plaster until it is clean

14. Casting cut: cutting it out of tree and clean

15. Polishing : stainless steel abrasives and active organtic synthesis solution by keep roating them in the drum > we get smooth and bright surfaces

16. Calendering: Done by entirly hands with special calender knift back and forth to promote the jewelry surface. Craftmen mastered this with practiceing for long period of time with equipment.

17. Polishing: Polshing the jewelry surface with machine until surface is smooth and bright

18. Picking gemstones, crystal, cz etc: with manual sorting by persons for the right color, cuts, size.

19. Completing: Craftmen mount crystals  > mosaic, glue them

20. Quality check : Finalizer, warehouse packing, and head manager go over before they ship out

21. Quality check: Once they arrive here, we check again > re-check before they depart to your door!


edge over competitiors:

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With the fashion trend constantly changing, Last-Pick designers are constantly adding the latest up to date wholesale bridal, wedding, prom , & fanshion jewelry to our line of vast selection every week; giving an edge to our customers.  We pride in ourselves to be called the best in the industry for high quality bridal, wedding, and prom jewelry at reasonable price.

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jewelry Customer Location:

We proudly sell a variety of wholesale fashion products(Wholesale Rhinestone, Wholesale Hair Accessories, Wholesale bridial Jewleries, Wholesale prom jewleries) Made in the USA, China, Veitnam, Canada, and South Korea in cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Calgary, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Edmonton, El Paso, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Montreal, Nashville, New York City(NYC), Oklahoma City, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, San Francisco, Toronto, Tucson, Washington DC, Mexico, South Ameirca, Europe.